The ECO+PRODUCE Department
develop and produce
environment-friendly products
related to
air, soil, light, and water,
which are close to our daily life.

minacoatⓇ Department

The minacoatⓇ Department develops and sells a variety of products that employ our groundbreaking advanced photocatalyst minacoatⓇ, including minacoatⓇ itself. The advanced photocatalyst minacoatⓇ has solid evidence by trusted certification bodies and promises extremely powerful antiviral and antimicrobial effects. minacoatⓇ boasts industry-leading quality as a visible-light-driven photocatalyst. It overturns the common sense of photocatalysts to date and offers a wide range of products that pursue diverse possibilities.

Soil Department

The Soil Department develops and sells various products related to soil, such as Re-Earth. Re-Earth is a completely new soil pavement material that utilizes the inherent properties of soil such as water permeability, water retention, and insulation. It helps to fight against global warming by preventing the rise in road surface temperature, which is a problem with asphalt, and also acts as an excellent grass-proof soil.

Light Department

The Light Department develops and sells various products related to light, such as SQ-RAYsⓇ. The SQ-RAYsⓇ enables LED lighting to have self-cleaning property. By applying the advanced photocatalyst minacoatⓇ, the power of the LED lighting itself adsorb and disassemble dust and dirt. In an environment where regular cleaning is costly, such as street lights and security lights that are polluted by exhaust gases, or indoor lighting, long-life lighting that maintains brightness over long-term can be achieved.

Water Department

The Water Department develops and sells water-related products that are gentle on human bodies, such as Relax and Smell Cuts Water system. Relax, which can easily make hydrogen water that protects the body from cell damage caused by active oxygen, and Smell Cuts Water system, which treats water with a “magnetic live water treatment system,” provide a variety of products that are gentle on human bodies.

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