Self-cleaning with
the power of light
Long-life lighting
that decomposes dirt

SQ-RAYsⓇ is an LED lighting
coated with the
advanced photocatalyst minacoatⓇ.
The photocatalyst adsorbs
and decomposes dust
and dirt to maintain brightness.

What is SQ-RAYsⓇ?

LED lighting × photocatalyst =
the best
compatibility achieves
long-life self-cleaning lighting

All products of SQ-RAYs® series are worthy of being called next-generation lighting that can maintain its beauty by coating with our advanced photocatalyst minacoat®.
The photocatalyst reacts to the visible light of the LED and decomposes and removes many of the organic matter (dust, cigarette stains, etc.) that approaches the lighting.

Patent registered

Patent (Japan) “LED lighting device”
Patent No. 5514677
Registeration: April 4, 2014
Application: September 7, 2010

Since the lighting has a long life,
self-cleaning is necessary to
decompose dirt.

LED lighting is sold for energy saving and long life, but because of its long life, the illuminance decreases due to dirt and the number of cleanings increases. Therefore, coating with hybrid photocatalyst minacoatⓇ is effective. It adsorbs and decomposes dust, cigarette stains, odors, etc., and cleans the lighting itself without the hassle of cleaning.

The effects of


Prevent brightness loss


Reduced number of cleanings


Removes air dirt

SQ-RAYsⓇ can maintain
stable lighting
for a long period of time
by applying a coating
material containing
photocatalyst minacoatⓇ.

Introduction of
self-cleaning coating agent


minacoat SQⓇ, an advanced
apatite coated photocatalyst

Sterilization and
antifouling effect
by photocatalyst

minacoatⓇ consists of a visible-light-driven photocatalyst, and that can facilitate photocatalysis with in-house LED light sources even without sunlight (ultraviolet).
Since only light energy is used, the system demonstrates stable effects on antiviral, antibacterial deodorizing, and antifouling properties without running costs.

Antistatic effect

minaRexⓇ is a new type of antistatic agent that has a complex electron-conduction and ion-conduction mechanism, is completely different from surfactant-type (anion, nonionic, cationic) system, dries quickly and several times more effective than the surfactant type, and is more sustainable.


minacoatⓇ is a coating
material that maintains
the brightness of the LED
due to the sterilization
and antifouling effect
of minacoatⓇ,
and also has an
antistatic effect by minaRexⓇ.

We sell the advanced
minacoat SQⓇ
for LED lighting
fixtures and coat them.

By coating a lighting fixture with the advanced photocatalyst minacoat SQⓇ, dirt is decomposed by the lighting itself, preventing the illuminance of long-life LED lighting from deteriorating. 
The frequency of replacement is reduced, and in factories, warehouses, commercial facilities, etc. with high ceilings, it creates great benefits in crisis management by reducing work at height, and the cost of cleaning lighting equipment can also be reduced.
We accept from small lots to mass production.
Please contact us for more information.

Application examples

Coating fluorescent lamps
in car factories

This is the state of six months after coating one of the two general fluorescent lamps on the workbench in the car factory with minacoatⓇ.
We confirmed that the surface of the fluorescent lamp coated with minacoatⓇ decomposes oil and maintains illuminance.