Our water treatment system
eliminates the bad odor
in buildings

The Deodorizing Water System
is a system that artificially creates
the Earth's environmental
magnetic field,
and by passing water through it,
magnetically activates water
and changes it into magnetic water.

What is the Deodorizing
Water System…?

The Deodorizing Water System has been introduced to improve the effluent of village drainage (miscellaneous drainage such as toilets, kitchens, and baths).
The system is installed in the water supply source of each household, and the water used flows into the septic tank. Although the tank is a terminal facility where sewage is collected, it hardly smells bad.
The water purified in the septic tank is discharged into domestic waterways and used for agricultural purposes.
The BOD, COD, and SS figures for effluent have decreased by 15% to 45%, respectively, and the amount of sludge discharged has also decreased by 20.5%.
In addition, many offices and factories, including the National Printing Bureau of the Ministry of Finance, paper mills, butchering facilities, and food factories, have introduced this system.
After introducing this system, the numerical values of ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and methyl sulfide have been drastically reduced in and around the facility and regional settlements, and they have been freed from bad or unpleasant odors.

Features and Mechanisms

The Deodorizing Water System is a system that artificially creates the Earth's environmental magnetic field, and by passing water through it, magnetically activates water and changes it into magnetic water.

The system instantly changes the nature of the flowing water by installing the water treatment system “BCO HappinessⓇ” , which includes 16 patents (6 of which are pending) in Japan, the United States, China and Hong Kong, at the source of water supply.

What is “BCO HappinessⓇ”
(Magnetized water
activation system)?

Based on the fluid magnetization theory, this system artificially creates a natural environmental magnetic field by establishing the angle and amount of irradiation of magnetic field lines and an alternating magnetic field, and by passing water through it, promotes dissociation (decomposition) of water molecules and changes them into ionized water.

Characteristics produced by
magnetized water activation

Installation example


Factories (steel mills,
aquaculture, dyeing, food
processing, etc.)

Swimming pool, hot spring, etc.

Benefits of introducing
this system

Benefits in terms of cost
and environment

  • Running costs needed after installation are for annual inspections only.
  • There is no need for maintenance such as cartridge replacement.
  • Since the amount of sludge is drastically reduced, the treatment frequency and the treatment fee can also be reduced.
  • Improvement of the aeration tank will reduce the cost of electricity for the wastewater treatment facility.
  • It purifies tap water and groundwater, improves the filtration capacity of filtration filters, and reduces the burden on purification facilities.
  • It promotes purification by aerobic microorganisms in sewage treatment facilities and improves the water quality of wastewater.
  • Numerical values such as BOD, cod, SS, nitrogen, phosphorus, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and methyl sulfide are reduced.
  • The bad odor around the sewage treatment facilities and the drainage water is reduced.
  • Reduces the amount of chemicals you use and saves you money.
  • Activated sludge is reduced, saving costs.

Benefits in terms of
cost and hygiene

  • The chlorine odor becomes weaker and the water becomes pleasant to the taste.
  • The sterilization of system water improves hygiene.
  • Slime adhesion of sinks, drains, etc. is reduced, making cleaning easier.
  • Improves dirt removal of washing items such as dishes and cooking utensils.
  • The odor of the area where the system water flows, such as around the sink, is reduced, and the unpleasant odor of the entire building is reduced.
  • Removes and prevents red rust and scale inside water supply and water pipes.
  • Removes and prevents dirt inside the water reservoir and prevents deterioration of water quality when the water tank is stopped.
  • You are freed from bad and unpleasant odors.
  • The bad odor flowing back from the septic tank disappears, eliminating the need for toilet deodorant.

Application examples

Preservation of water quality
in ponds in golf courses

Ponds on golf courses are said to be difficult to maintain water quality because pesticides and fertilizers administered to the turf flow into them as sewage, but our system maintains a high degree of transparency.

Countermeasures against
algae bloom in dam lakes

Magnetized oxygen reduces the bubbles and improves oxygen solubility.

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