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ECO+PRODUCE business

We develop and sell environmentally friendly products such as advanced photocatalysts, soil business, lighting business, and water business.

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Life+PRODUCE business

We develop and sell products that enrich people's lives, such as cleaning services for social facilities and sales of products for factories.

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Media planning business

We offer website, desktop publishing, and other design work with the solid skills of a design firm that we collaborate with.

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The advanced photocatalyst minacoatⓇ is one of the top functionality and quality visible-light-driven photocatalysts in the industry and is clearly different from conventional photocatalysts. Its solid evidence of inactivation, deodorization, and antibacterial effects are proven via tests against many viruses and bacteria, including COVID-19.

We create safety for our planet, seek peace of mind, and provide trust. That is the mission of “Environment OPETH”. We also develop and sell products that enrich people's lives and earth-friendly environmental products to protect our precious air, soil, light, and water.

Company Profile

At our eco-specialty store, you can purchase safe, hygienic, and easy-to-handl products from our commercial products. We mainly sell products that customers can easily use, such as the spray-type minacoatⓇ and the Lunger CD-M10, a space sterilization agent that is safe for humans.

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