Form a hydrogen bathing
habit to suppress oxidation
in the body

Re・lax can easily make hydrogen water
which protects the body
from cell damage
caused by active oxygen.
Hydrogen bathing for easy
daily body maintenance.

What does hydrogen
provide us?

Active oxygen in our body binds to lipids and increases melanin pigment, causing spots and dullness.
When hydrogen is ingested into our body, hydrogen sticks to “bad active oxygen” and becomes water, which is excreted from the body as urine and sweat.
Which means hydrogen reduces bad active oxygen.

This is effective
for beauty,
health and anti-aging

Main virtues

・ Smoother skin
・ Silky hair
・ Relieve stress

・ Burn body fat
・ Relieve itchy skin,
and more…

Three features of hydrogen

Selectively removes
only malicious bad
active oxygen
"hydroxyl radicals"

The antioxidant "vitamin E" has too strong antioxidant power, so it also removes superoxide and hydrogen peroxide, which are active oxygen. On the other hand, hydrogen selectively removes only "hydroxyl radicals", which are bad active oxygen.

Hydrogen is the only
antioxidant that
dissolves in
both water and oil

Cells are surrounded by a cell membrane and contain water. Vitamin E can pass through a cell membrane but cannot enter inside a cell, and polyphenols cannot pass through a cell membrane. On the other hand, hydrogen can easily enter inside a cell and reach the mitochondria and nuclei inside, so it can protect and repair genes and DNA.

Tilt the
oxidation-reduction potential of the body
to minus.

"Oxidation-reduction potential" is the difference between the oxidizing force (oxidant activity) and the reducing force (reduction body activity) expressed as a potential difference. If the negative value is high, there are many reduction bodies, so the reducing force is strong.

Hydrogen is beneficial
to our body.
“Hydrogen bathing
habit Re・lax"
helps to absorb
hydrogen efficiently.
Hydrogen molecules
are efficiently absorbed
into the body through the skin

There are various ways to take hydrogen into the body, such as drinking, sucking, and bathing. Of these, hydrogen molecules are efficiently absorbed into the body through the skin. Since Re・lax contains a large amount of hydrogen in the bathtub, theoretically a large amount of hydrogen of 26,000 to 33,000 ppb will be absorbed by the body. Scientific calculations have proven that for water at normal 1 atmospheric pressure, approximately 1.6 (160,000 ppb) ppm is the saturation value of dissolved hydrogen concentration at which natural molecular hydrogen dissolves. In addition to the pH value and hydrogen concentration, the numerical value of oxidation-reduction concentration in hydrogen water is an important value for evaluating the performance of products. Hydrogen concentration is not equal to oxidation-reduction potential In order to produce water with a negative oxidation-reduction potential, which has a strong reducing power, it is essential to include hydrogen. As described above, oxidation-reduction potential is not equal to hydrogen concentration, but it is a value that can confirm whether hydrogen is contained in the hydrogen water. When the reduction value of oxygen is reduced at +815 mV, a potential of -420 mV of hydrogen can be measured. It is almost proportional to the hydrogen concentration of hydrogen water, and can be said to represent the power to suppress oxidation by active oxygen in the body.

Bathing in a hydrogen bath
increases skin surface
temperature by 1.6°C

・ Measured by: Japan Hydrogen Promotion Association
・ Measuring instrument: Model MobIR manufactured by IR System Co., Ltd.
・ Measured changes in skin surface temperature after bathing in 40°C hot water in a 200 L bathtub for 20 minutes.

* Similar products are measured after bathing for 30 minutes under the same conditions and increased by 0.3°C.

How to use

Open the stainless steel lid, sprinkle citric acid from the special container three times (about 4 g) and close the lid.

Fill the stainless steel container with water.

Submerge the stainless steel container in the bathtub.

Soak in the bathtub for
at least 15 to 20 minutes.

It is said that hydrogen is absorbed through the skin and arrives in every corner of the body in about 7 minutes. So, we recommend you to soak in the bathtub for at least this amount of time.

How to take care

Rinse the stainless steel container with water.

Drain well and then dry.


Please understand that hydrogen continues to be generated by chemical reactions while immersed in hot water in the bathtub, which erodes the magnesium plate and shortens its life.

Application Examples

Use in face washing

Hydrogen improves the effect of your face washing! After removing makeup, rinse your face with hydrogen water, moisten a cotton with hydrogen water generously, and put it on your face for only a few minutes. Since hot hydrogen water is weakly acidic (pH 4 to 5), it dissolves keratin on the old surface and promotes skin metabolism, and hydrogen ingested from the skin activates cells and acts on spots and dullness, further promoting blood flow, making the skin transparent.

Use in foot baths

Warming up your toes improves your blood circulation, warms up your body, and makes you relax. In addition, foot bath is effective in relieving your sore and swelled lower body. By absorbing hydrogen from the skin, foot bath is more effective compared to those of mere hot water!

Outstanding running costs

Product name Structure Amount of hydrogen generated (after 15 minutes of measurement) Running cost (per bathing) Usability and others
Hydrogen bathing habit
Hydrogen is generated by
chemical reaction of 99.95%
purity magnesium
+ hot water
Generator / 1,270 ppb
200 L tub / 364 ppb
200 L tub reduction potential / -37mV
About 20JPY Just sprinkle citric acid and put it in the bathtub!
No failure!
No electricity costs!
Competitor product A Electrolysis method
Built-in battery type
200 L tub/112ppb
200 L tub reduction potential / No publicly available data
About 65JPY / bath
(Assumed to be amortized in 5 years)
*Battery replacement after 3 years: 14,040 JPY
Calculated as 2 JPY of electricity bill / day
Charging time: 4 hours
Battery life: 2 to 3 years
20 minutes / bathing
Bathe multiple people consecutively: unavailable
Competitor product B Electrolysis method
Built-in battery type
200 L tub/110ppb
200 L tub reduction potential / No publicly available data
About 109JPY / bath
(Assumed to be amortized in 5 years)
Charging time: 4 hours
Battery life: 2 to 3 years
20 minutes / bathing
Bathe multiple people consecutively: unavailable
Competitor product C Powder packets
Magnesium carbonate + sodium citrate
200 L tub reduction potential / -250 to 360mV
200 L tub reduction potential / -250 to 360mV
200JPY / bath It’s expensive to use every day due to the high running cost

Specification of Hydrogen
bathing habit “Re・lax”

Product nameHydrogen bathing habit Re・lax

Specifications● Package content
・ 1 main unit (with set of 3 magnesium plates)
・ 1 bottle of special container for citric acid (180g) and instruction manual

● Material/size
[Container] SUS304 H 51 mm × φ 163 mm
[Magnesium Plate Set] Purity 99.95% Mg / H 5mm × φ 155mm

There are also
commercial use model
(for large public bath, etc.),
so please contact us.

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