Advanced surfactant-free
antistatic agent

minaRex® can be used more widely than conventional surfactant products,
and is several times more antistatic
and lasting than them.

What is minaRexⓇ?

minaRexⓇ is a new type of antistatic agent that has a complex electron-conduction and ion-conduction mechanism, is completely different from surfactant-type (anion, nonionic, cationic) system, dries quickly and several times more effective than the surfactant type, and is more sustainable.

Differences from
surfactant types

minaRexⓇ, with its complex electron-conduction and ion-conduction mechanism, is a new antistatic agent that can be used for metals conventional products were unable to support. Since it does not use surfactants, it can be widely used to remove dust and static electricity from various kinds of plastic, information appliances, AV equipment, furniture, glass, textiles, paper, etc.

We sell
antistatic agents
for commercial use
in paper mills
and textile mills.

Features of minaRexⓇ

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