Air, soil, light, and water.

For the sake of our loved ones, to protect nature and to seek evolution, we have been working as a company that produces comfortable living for everyone with limited resources, using all the technology we can muster. In response to the global changes in our environment and lifestyles in recent years, we have prepared products of high quality and reliability so that society as a whole can take action to prevent global warming.

We will continue to earn the trust and faith of our customers and make further contributions to society.

President of Opeth Co., Ltd.
Sayumi Yamaguchi

Company nameOpeth Co., Ltd.
Established inApril 2, 2001
PresidentSayumi Yamaguchi
Board memberMasahiro Hara
Aiko Yamaguchi
Address3-9-17, Hashimoto, Midori-ku, Sagamihara, Kanagawa, 252-0143
Fax+81-42-770- 7710
Capital38 million yen
Business detailsDevelopment, manufacturing, sales, and treatment of photocatalyst
Sales of various energy-saving LED products
Large-scale lighting, street lights, light guide plates, solar panels, etc.
Sales of industrial chemicals
Polyferric chloride polymer flocculant, deodorizing active carbon,
humic deodorant VOEFⓇ, sodium hypochlorite,
antifoaming agent, and other water treatment chemical
Civil engineering, architecture, and landscape gardening construction
Design, construction, contract sales, control, etc.
Paint, waterproof, rustproof construction
Sales of material, construction, maintenance, etc.
Waste disposal and cleaning related work
Container selling, disinfenction, facility cleaning, etc.
Installment and sales of super magnetic water activation treatment device
Import-export business
Media planning related business
Website creation, DTP design,
planning & production, media selling, etc.
Creditor banksMUFG Bank Hashimoto Branch
Kiraboshi Bank Sagamihara Branch
The Bank of Yokohama Sagamihara Ekimae Branch
JA Sagamihara-shi Asahi Branch
Group companiesYamaguchi Administrative Scrivener Office
Seiwa Service Co. Ltd.
Organizations we belongA member of the Photocatalysis Industry Association of Japan
A member of the Japanese Society of Animal Hygiene
A district director (eastern Japan) of general incorporated foundation, the Better Earth Trust
A director of general incorporated foundation, the Global Environment Restoration Association
An auditor of general incorporated foundation, the Japan Kampo Medicine Association
A director (the manager of Tokyo branch) of nonprofit organization, the Relief Pain Animals
A member of the Sagamihara Chamber of Commerce and Industry
A member of the Sagamihara Corporations Association